Back Road Equine Veterinary Practice

Mobile Horse Veterinarian serving Wichita and South Central Kansas

Rachel Lindberg, DVM


Services Include:

  • Digital Radiographs (X-rays), can be taken without a power supply, but price may be adjusted accordingly
  • Vaccinations, Wellness exams, Coggins, Health certificates
  • Dental (teeth floating) with Powerfloat - battery operated, no power supply needed!
  • General medicine including Neurologic, Respiratory and Ophthalmic (eye) exams
  • Reproductive work including pregnancy exams and artificial insemination
  • Field surgery (including Castration)
  • Nutritional consultation and Geriatric care
  • Lameness exams including joint injections
  • Ultrasound exams - for breeding/pregnancy checks, lameness, respiratory and colic/GI problems - battery operated, no power supply needed
  • Experience with many breeds and sizes including Miniatures, Drafts, Donkeys, Mules and everything in between.
  • Farm calls only, based in Kechi, KS
  • Not sure if your area is covered? Give me a call, farm call prices are based on distance from Kechi, I am always happy to decrease the price if you have a neighbor in the area
  • 24-Hour Emergency Services (Emergency fees will be charged based on current client relationship and time of day), please remember I am only one person and will do my best to see your emergency in a timely manner
  • Saturday appointments are available if scheduled in advance
  • Call or text 316-201-8176 to make your appointment today

Payment is due at time of service

Cash, checks, and credit cards accepted.

I've been horse crazy as long as I can remember. I settled for riding lessons and visits to relatives with horses until I was 14, when I bought my first horse. I still have her, she qualifies as a "senior" now. When I was 10, I decided I wanted to be a horse veterinarian when I grew up. I've never looked back. I told my dad,

and he told me K-State had a veterinary school. I've been bleeding purple ever since. I earned a BS in Animal Science then my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Kansas State in 2010. After veterinary school I interned at referral practices in New Hampshire and Montana, then practiced in Virginia for 2 years before coming home to Kansas. I'm happy to be serving the horses and people of south central Kansas. I answer the phone whenever I can, if you have to leave a message, I'm probably on a call, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I do not return calls if a message is not left. Feel free to text me as well (before texting please consider what time it is, non-urgent questions at odd hours should be emailed instead), I often can respond faster that way. Emails are a great way to reach me with non-urgent questions.

Rachel Lindberg, DVM

24/7 Emergency Care